Being a teenager is arguably harder now than at any time before. Social media, the twenty-four-hour news cycle, constant peer-to-peer contact, academic rigor, online grades, college admissions, access to substances, medications, and overt adulting norms pummel our teenagers and strike fear into the hearts of the parents attempting to raise them. I’m here to tell you, though, that we don’t give teenagers enough credit. Teenagers are smarter, stronger and savvier than we allow them to be in outdated educational and parenting models. It doesn’t have to be this way, and as adults, it must be our job to help teenagers tap into their limitless potential. Parents have the opportunity to become fluent in the language of teen; to channel their innate love for teenagers into a proactive, assertive parenting model, that will inevitably instill opportunities for vibrancy, authentic success, and happiness for our teenagers.

The Assertive Parent is a practical roadmap for parents seeking to build autonomy, authenticity, and resilience in their teenage children. I’ve drawn on my fourteen years working as a high school teacher and administrator, as well my experience as an educational-centered parenting and teen life coach. This book strives to empower parents and teenagers, alike, to become their own advocates, armed with practical solutions, a refreshed and optimistic mindset, to effectively change the landscape of their daily lives

The structure of this book was carefully designed to support both proactive and reactive parenting--read in advance to reduce stress, conflict, and heartache, or after the fact, when putting the wheels back on the adolescent wagon. The Assertive Parent tackles four significant sectors:

  • Drugs, alcohol, nicotine
  • School and academics
  • Social media and social currency
  • Family communication and systems

Readers will experience a solution-oriented, judgment-free, plug-and-play resource that provides a framework for successfully modifying their approach to parenting teenagers.

My book is an invitation. I champion you to help yourself help the ones you love. As a parent, coach, teacher, counselor, neighbor, aunt or uncle; whatever the case, whomever you are, you have the power to better understand today’s teenagers, their reality, their norms, their world--information that will be transformative in our collective efforts to allow teens to become the unique soul they were put on this Earth to be.

Join me. Let’s change, together.

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