Allison Hatcher

Allison Hatcher

College Advisor

Allison Hatcher: Allison is an experienced former high school counselor—specializing in the technical aspects of the application process, including in-depth searches, customized timelines, communication guidance, application review and quality control. With more than ten years’ experience in the admissions game, Allison is a wealth of knowledge and can guide your process with her calm confidence and thorough approach.

Areas of Support:

  • 4-year planning (high school courses)

  • College entrance requirements (ex: A-G, NCAA)

  • SAT/ACT test preparation resources

  • College visits & communication protocol

  • College essays & personal statements

  • College application supplemental writing prompts

  • College application completion and review

  • Athletic recruiting process

  • Resume development: leadership opportunities, community service, internships, school clubs etc.

  • Outside course referrals & search (community college, online, remediation options)

  • Transcript review & interpretation

  • Scholarship and financial aid opportunities & resources