Communicating with your teen

Many teenagers have poor communication skills, particularly with their parents.

While frustrating, this roadblock is an opportunity to unearth hidden channels of communication without succumbing to unnecessary expenditures of stress or emotion.

Leasing vs Owning Teenage Behavior

Sometimes consumers (like me) lease vehicles they can't afford to own.

There is little, if any, downpayment required and the monthly payment is certainly cheaper than a purchase. Good credit, minimal paperwork and zoom, they're off.

Your Teen Can Do Anything, Just Not Everything

I'm a sucker for inspirational memes.

Lately, I've taken to posting them on social media.

Last year, while working as a school administrator, writer, speaker and advocate, I reached a tipping point. I was buried under so many responsibilities that I wasn't performing them to my full capacity. I was overcommitted and out of balance.

Some parents are 'friendgineering' their children's social circles

I recently worked with a father conducting due diligence for his child's inevitable transition from her small private school to a larger public school.

He evaluated the variables and factors that could impact this change. Admittedly, his daughter had expressed zero concern over the matter; perhaps the change was too far away to seem real, or perhaps she simply didn't know what she didn't know, and plugged along in the spirit of ignorance is bliss.

Teens Need To Improve Their Email Skills For The Future

When your mac won't print, the WiFi goes out, or your iPhone won't update, the first line of defense is a teenager. Teens today are practically walking experts in the world of technology, excluding one glaring arena: email.

The Unexpected B Grade

So your teen ended last semester with a B. Yes, a B, despite repeated assurances it would be an A.

The Booze, they Uber, but do parents know?

It's Saturday. Sportscenter monopolizes the TV as Dad takes refuge on the couch. Soon, Mom returns with the youngsters from an early soccer game. The freshman eventually finds her way downstairs to find leftover pancakes. The weekend reprieve. Real life.