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Daniel brings his approachable, comedic, deeply personal and anecdote-driven style to all events, big or small. From formal keynotes to intimate parent and student events, Patterson tailors his delivery & message to effectively address the scope and scale of your needs.

Drawing from his performing arts background, and sixteen years in education, Daniel thrives when connecting with audiences to deliver his passionate yet practical approach to addressing academic pressure & authenticity, mental health, substance abuse, and parent relationships. 


for parents


⇨ Communication Strategies
⇨ Trends & Education: Substances, Technology & Mental Health
⇨ Academic Pressure & Stress Management
⇨ Supporting Your Authentic Teen
⇨ College Admissions & Alternative Paths to Success

For teenagers


⇨ Peer Pressure & Authenticity
⇨ Academic Pressure & Competiton
⇨ Respecting Seasons of Life
⇨ Substance Use & Abuse
⇨ Social Media & Technology Awareness ⇨ Mental health awareness

for educators


⇨ Teen Trends: Substance Use, Technology & Mental Health
⇨ Understanding Teenage Recovery (Mental Health & Addiction)
⇨ Collaborating with Families in Crisis
⇨ Fostering Authentic Students
⇨ Reimagining Student Success Indicators

Recent speaking engagements

Epic Charter Schools, California [July 2019]
Topic: Supporting teenage mental health in the school setting; partnering with students and families
Audience: K-12 teachers, administrators, counselors, district officials

Marin County Office of Education [April 2019]
Topic: Better understanding teenage mental health: trends, sources, signals, and solutions
Audience: High school administrators, high school counselors, district officials, parents, community members

The Adolescent & Young Adult Collective [June 2019]
Topic: Alternative edu-pathways for teenagers affected by addiction and mental health disorders
Audience: Professionals working in the adolescent mental health and addiction industry

Parenting 101 Conference [February 2019]
Topic: The Assertive Parent: better understanding the teenage realities regarding social media, substances, mental health & education
Audience: Parents, educators, professionals